Fair Play BTC english – My experience

Fair Play BTC english – Presentation

Fair Play BTC - Peer 2 Peer Social Crowdfunding with Bitcoin

What is FairPlay BTC?

This is what the BaFin (Federal Institute for Financial Services) to Crowdfunding: Read here - Click


Fair Play BTC is a crowdfunding donation platform,

which was developed by a clever Norwegian. The platform was critically tested by this clever Norwegian entrepreneur together with a Polish colleague and has only been running in the German-speaking world since 20.03.2017

With FairPlay BTC you can help yourself and other people to leave the valley of starvation. Look at the program more closely and you will realize that with Fairplay it is relatively quickly possible to fulfill your dreams and desires by receiving donations. And the best thing about it - you can offer many other people the same opportunity.

How does Fair Play BTC work?

This is how it works. After registering with Fairplaybtc, you send a donation of 0.2 btc to the person who has invited you and receives 3 people from your first level 0.2 BTC. That means, even if you have your first partner, your risk is ZERO, since you have already got your use of 0.2 Bitcoins back again. 


3 x 0.2 = 0.6 Bitcoins


Next Step. Your FairPlayBTC - Upgrade to Level 2. This means - After a donation of 0.4 BTC to a person, ie to the sponsor of your sponsor (the address you get when upgrading in the account) - you get 0.4 BTC each of 9 people into your Bitcoin- Wallet, even though these 9 people have made their upgrade to line 2, that is, their 0.04 bitcoin donation.


9 x 0.4 = 3.6 Bitcoins


Now the FairPlayBTC upgrade is in step 3.

If you give 0.8 btc to another person, you will get from 27 people per 0.8 btc as soon as you step up in level 3.


                                              27 x 0.8 = 21.6 bitcoins


This process always increases and helps you to donate in a pleasant way. 


Fair Play BTC - You can start without money

Fair Play BTC without money? Is that possible?

Yes. This is even very good. For many people 0.204 bitcoins are a lot of money. And the more Bitcoin increases, the more difficult it becomes for many. Now that we want to help Fairplay BTC to help people meet their financial needs and finally get out of the constant treadmill, we have a solution parad. 

You will get in touch with your referrer / sponsor and let Fair Play BTC explain you exactly. He gives you his partner link, with which you can register, which you should also make equal.

Once you've got your first prospects for FairPlay BTC, invite them to a Skype call or webinar, where everything from A to Z is explained. If someone wants to become your first partner, you will get in touch with your sponsor, whom you already know a little better. Now you open your FairPlayBTC backoffice and enter the receipt address of your Bitcoinwallets and you will then receive the Wallet address to which the first donation goes. You will pass this on to the sponsor of your trust. He will send you your first donation to the Wallet address displayed in your Fairplay BTC account, which will activate your account immediately and you will receive your Ref-Link. 

Now you give this to your first partner, who is registered and activated immediately, so you can get your first donation directly to your wallet and repay it to your sponsor.

Now you can attract more prospective buyers and grow your FairPlay BTC donation account.

You see, not so complicated, start with FairPlayBTC, a good team and even without money.